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Cinnamon Roses

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From the vivid erotic imagination of Renée M. Charles come six seductive vampire tales of sex, love, and bloodlust. Within these pages, a female tattoo artist commissioned to do some intimate inking on three beautiful women is initiated into their secret world, an ordinary college girl tries to find out her mysterious roommate's secret and undergoes a startling and sexy transformation, a half-vampiric dhampir who hunts his own kind finds that one intended target is not at all what he expected, and more. Reaching outside of the standard cape-wearing, neck-biting vampire mythos to draw on folkloric traditions from around the world, from the long-nailed callicantzaros of Greece to the feathered aswang of the Philippines to the pontianak of Malaysia who brings doom to all who love her, the inventive stories of Cinnamon Roses provide a fresh take on the sensuous encounters between vampires and humans.

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