Rupert the Cross-eyed Rooster
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Rupert was born with a slight disability. His eyes were crossed. As a result, many of his young friends made fun of his problem. Often they would not associate with him. Rupert was able to make friends with some of the other animals of the barnyard. With the love of his caring mother and Billy, another rooster, Rupert was able to survive his youth. After Rupert and Billy reached maturity, they went on an adventure from the mountains to the coast. At each stop they helped other chickens that were in distress. They returned to the mountains in time to save Rupert’s mother from a disastrous situation. Rupert uses his disability to become a hero many times throughout the book.

Rupert the Cross-eyed Rooster teaches it’s readers to accept others regardless of their disabilities. These are stories which are taken from Brown’s collections of folklore of the Blue Ridge Mountains and include lessons of tolerance, love, responsibility and friendship that the youngest to the oldest readers will appreciate. The book is filled with humorous quotes which are translations of “chicken scratch.” This is an excellent book for reading to younger readers.
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