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Dottie and Buster During World War II
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Dottie and Buster During World War II will introduce children as well as adults to some historical facts about their country during World War II and to a time in American history when the United States was at war with two countries, Japan and Germany. They will read and learn timeline events and important dates of World War II and geographical locations of the two countries.
In this short story, children will read about the brave American servicemen and women of World War II who fought and died for their country in the Pacific at Pearl Harbor and in countries over Europe. Their heroic deeds and patriotism will never be forgotten.
Children and adults will also read and learn about the social and economic struggle that American citizens encountered during World War II. American civilians, women, men, and school children played important roles in the defense of their country. Their work on the home front as collectors of scrap metal, paper materials, buyers of U. S. Bonds, shipbuilders, volunteers, and many other home front efforts, helped their country win the wars with Germany and Japan.
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