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Gray Glum Girl
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This book is about a little girl who always wants something, and she is sad until she gets it. When she gets each item she is temporarily happy until the new wears off then she's sad again. After being given four different items by the Marvelous Mystical Magical Man he decides that in order for her to be happy she is going to have to go on a giving away spree. The book teaches the moral that it is better to give than to receive. Each time she gives away one of her gifts she becomes a little bit happier until at last she is a Giggly Gurgley Girl who is happy giving. The illustrations are multi media including water colors, collage, and magic markers. The script includes rhyming words, nonsense words, counting words, onomatopoeia, and repetition of words all of which promote emerging reading skills.
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Gray Glum Girl

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