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For many years, doctors have been baffled about the reasons for pain and inflammation, but no one is really sure what causes it and why it continues to pester the human body. Many diseases and ailments have been blamed for such aches and pains including arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, and fibromyalgia. In his tongue-in-cheek guidebook, John Ritz shares an innovative approach designed for anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the tiny inducers of pain (TIPs) that often invade our bodies.

Ritz begins by explaining the TIPs groups and how each operates. As he illustrates how he built working relationships with TIPs, he also shares information about how to correctly associate with any group of TIPs in the body. Finally, Ritz shares enlightening, often amusing, conversations with a special TIP who explains the whys of pain and offers methods to avoid or lessen future pain. From toeicians to kneeyins to mouthroatians, Ritz provides an eye-opening glimpse into TIPs, how they work, and why they are responsible for all of our aches and pains.

TIPs teaches others not only how to look at the human body in an entirely different way, but also how to effectively communicate with any tiny inducer of pain.
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