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He says he’s come looking for her, but no one will tell her why. As she searches for answers, fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Atlee knows there is more than her parents are telling her. When Peter Lockton was found dying in the snow, Elizabeth couldn’t understand her parents’ secretive glances, or her uncle’s undisguised hatred for this man. Now, as her father’s apprentice, Peter has become like one of the family and offers to teach her how to write. Living in fourteenth-century England has choked out every cry of Elizabeth’s creative mind, and so she accepts his offer—only to find out that this scholar is a follower of the heretic John Wycliffe and is helping him to translate the Scriptures into English.
As his enemies begin to discover his whereabouts, Peter is forced to leave in order to protect Elizabeth and her family, but it’s too late. The soldiers will not listen to her father’s pleas, and Elizabeth’s world burns to the ground. When everything is taken from her, can Elizabeth push beyond the lies and secrets of the past to find God’s truth? Can the truth set men free in a world where it is forbidden?
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