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Room 32

Length: 148 pages2 hours


Room 32 is one woman’s story about the power we all have within us to create and to transform our lives. Diane begins her story on the south side of Chicago in a strict Polish Catholic environment where sins of the flesh are real and admonished. As she grows and develops, Diane wants to integrate her spirituality and sexuality; however, in her Catholic world Diane is given very little room to do so. In puberty, a crisis erupts, and Diane has nowhere to turn, until she discovers Room 32. In Room 32, a drama classroom at Holy Jesus High School, Diane’s life begins to change. Diane gets the taste of a different kind of existence, and in that room she learns about the power to create. Join Diane on her journey as she takes steps on the dance floor of life, and be encouraged to love and to celebrate your life as you dance along with Diane.

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