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I Walk Awake

Length: 125 pages1 hour


Are you sleepwalking through your life without even realising it? Have you succumbed to the status quo and compromised on your dreams in the process?

Are you running on autopilot?

Life is calling you to experience all of its delicious splendour. The universe longs to guide you to your true purpose – toward that which makes you feel alive!

Get back in touch with the most extraordinary creative force in the universe … You.

It’s time to re-awaken.

It’s time to walk awake.

> Awaken to live the life you’ve always wanted.

> Expand your awareness and your world.

> Discover the Nine Awakenings. Find your true path
and get into flow with your highest potential.

> ; Practice meditations, visualisations, and exercises
to raise your vibrational energy.

> Become everything you ever wanted to be.

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