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River God

Length: 352 pages5 hours


Life in an Irish village during the early 11th century is not easy for anyone. It is even harder for the boy that is branded a fool. Balor, the fool, finds solace in the river that will become his salvation from a lonely and unhappy life.

The boy Balor falls in love with Fee, the daughter of a woodcutter and a healer.

For ten painful adolescent years, Balor’s love for Fee is unrequited. He muddles along through life pretending to be the village idiot. However, his ruse does not fool at least one village woman. She uses him as a source of information and he learns a lot in the process.

A tragic accident leads the villagers to accuse Fee of witchcraft and murder. Balor plans a daring and desperate bid to thwart her executioners. Will he succeed and win her heart too?

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