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The Sex Life of Andy Ashling

Length: 15 pages20 minutes


The Sex Life of Andy Ashling is a serial memoir. Several episodes will be released in each digital volume. Each episode is a true story.

Beginning with his first sexually-charged encounter when he was four, the author writes honestly and candidly about each subsequent new adventure, until he settles down somewhere in his late forties.

By exploring his sex life, Andy hopes to arrive at hidden meanings or universal truths. The episodes link together, like beads on a rosary (the author was raised in a Catholic home).

A bit of a warning: more than once, the author finds himself the victim of unfortunate incidents—molestations, for example.

Are these stories pornographic? The depictions of sex in these volumes are more of a personal psychological study rather than pornography, or even eroticism. However, pornography is somewhat subjective.

That said, the author writes in the mindset he possessed at the time events took place. Some may find that perspective evidence of a deviant mind. We don't think so, but you be the judge.

Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals described in these true stories.

Dennis Fleming, Editor

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