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Oxy & Moron

Length: 183 pages2 hours


The top radio talk show in Houston Texas is hosted by best friends who are polar opposites when it comes to politics and, well …….life in general.
Oxydelphius Stanton and George Jamison, better known as “Moron” by those who know him (including his parents) find themselves in the midst of murder, mayhem, and espionage …and haven’t a clue why.
In addition, Oxy is trying to woo the office secretary and failing miserably. Moron is trying to avoid his ex-wife and stay alive. And the characters around them are trying to hide what they know or who they really are.
Thus begins a humorous, convoluted adventure where the plot unravels along with the characters themselves. The “good guys” get more confused, as the “bad guys” get more violent. All the while, the reader is chuckling at how Oxy & Moron’s ineptitude keeps them alive as they struggle to figure out “Who’s who” and “What’s what”. A fun read!!!!!!

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