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Jacob's Ladder

Length: 266 pages3 hours


Jacob's ladder

This book is aimed at the believer as well as the non – believer.

It points to the fact and is aimed at the average and non average person, as this could be anybody's walk.

You will discover answers on both sides of the argument which are not been taught in churches or generally known, but found in Scripture. Scriptures refer to this as “The secret of the Reign of The Almighty”

All facts and statements are backed by Scripture and quoted in this book.

This book reveals the true followers of the Messiah, are you one?

It reveals the theological errors and pagan influences on mankind.

It also sheds a light on why things turns so bad for some people in life, and if you are one of the unfortunate ones. Can you do something about this?

This book will make you sit up and think about the value of life and what your destiny would be.

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