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Bleeding England

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Bleeding England gives a factual and the authors concluded insight into the long term liberal plans for the Western democracies. It explains why the actions of Western politicians with the connivance of other public servants have driven the means of wealth creation to the East. European commissioners paid from our taxes are acting without a mandate to enrich Africa and Asia at the expense of their own people. Their actions may well be driven by fairness and equality but this begs the question: why cannot the rest of the world solve its own problems?
With the liberal hatred of nationalism, a more sinister plot is to eliminate all racial types in preparation for world government. Without borders there can be no 'off shore' or indeed constraints in cross border movement.
Bleeding England will answer the question why the Western world keeps running out of money. It will explain why you have lost your job and why we are mired in debt.
We would all like to live in Nirvana but would you recognise it when you arrive?

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