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Twisted Image

Length: 71 pages1 hour


This is a collection of frightening and chilling tales of suspense and fright. Continuing up on The Shattering Crystal, this is a collection of horror and suspense tales of evil, the unknown, and the supernatural. Five spine tingling tales pulse pounding tales of twisted and off kilter horror that are sure to leave you scared to turn off the lights and remember to enjoy the daylight. It contains five stories, Chit Chat, Criss Cross, Pets, Treats or Tricks, and Down the Road.

Chit Chat- A man sees an unknown figure and hears sounds after buying some antique glasses, but who is he seeing?

Criss Cross- A chainsaw bought by a couple goes bezerk after they find some strange occurrences and learn what it really does.

Pets- A man finds an abandoned dog at their home, but they soon realize it has more than just a disease when its behavioral problems continue and they are forced to give into conformity.

Treats or Tricks- Retelling of the tale of a man haunted by more than just a personal demon on Halloween.

Down the Road- A group visits a house during a party, but they find out someone or something is at the after party.

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