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The Ascension of Yeshua Ha' Meshia

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Unto the churches of Yeshua Ha Meshia, beyond the seven hills of Rome: the least of the apostles, James, hereby sends this history and revelation about that regal King of Kings that is most wonderful, true, and desperately needed. For our Adoni Rabboni Meshia taught us well to even love our enemies, so all men, rich or poor, would understand that the things which someone would never want another to do to them, those things never should they do to no other man as well. Therefore, may the most merciful grace be multiplied unto every spirit led soul who desires a better understanding about the miraculous life and times of that Desire of the Nations; And may peace be with every believer from “Peace,” love from “Love,” joy from “Joy,” grace from “Grace,” and faith from “Faith;” For it's only our incarnate Eternal One Who holds those blessed names, just as Jehovah has long been called “Jealous.” And since that roaring Lion of Judah is the only Way, the Truth, and Ever Endless Life, unto Him alone goes all glory, all honour, all praise and majesty for ever and always.

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