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Encountering God in Genesis

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The Bible is God’s love letter to us, providing many guiding principles for living life the way God intended. The book of Genesis is particularly important as it introduces God, the creator of everything. In Encountering God in Genesis, author Brenda Frost examines this special book in which we learn many things about God as He interacts with and reveals Himself to His creation.
Presenting a Bible study organized into eleven weeks with five days of studies, Encountering God in Genesis provides deeper insight through:
observation, asking questions based on the text being studied;
correlation, looking at other texts in the Bible that cover similar topics;
commentary, providing deep discussion of each idea;
vocabulary, explaining the meaning of important words; and
application, posing questions that apply what’s been studied to our daily lives.
Filled with rich lessons, the book of Genesis is quoted or referred to more than one hundred times in the New Testament and by Jesus Himself. Genesis is the foundation of the entire Bible and serves as the backbone to understanding the rest of Scripture. Encountering God in Genesis helps to enhance your knowledge of this important foundation and provides guidance for living your life according to God’s will.

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