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What Went Wrong

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What Went Wrong offers a brief exploration of the history of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government of the United States of America as established by the US Constitution. Over the last eighty years we have seen a deterioration of America’s dependence upon the constitutional government that was established by the Founding Fathers along with a continual pull toward socialism. We have also lost the moral perspective of our founders and the integrity and morality that were foundations of our nation.

Within the last thirty-five years we have given away the industrial might we once had, and the economic base the nation had achieved has eroded. Much of our nation has been sold to foreign entities. Our government supports nations opposed to our founding principles and doles out taxpayers’ hard-earned funds to our enemies. Author Alan Perlman takes an in-depth look at the moral and ethical decline of our nation and considers its impact upon our government.

What caused the shift from a government founded on Godly principals created in behalf of the people, to a government that has rejected God and largely become a self serving bureaucracy?

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