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Spiritual Gifts

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God gives every Christian at least one spiritual gift to use in their ministry. But some Christians do not use it, too fearful of what others may think, including their own church family. Yet overcoming this trepidation is paramount to doing God’s work on earth.
Drawing on his experience in the ministry, Dr. J. Terry Monahan offers practical insights on spiritual gifts and how to use them in this inspiring guide. When members of the earthly body of Christ freely and joyfully use their spiritual gifts together, they in turn will reflect Jesus. With knowledge and precision, Monahan examines the reasons God gives us spiritual gifts, their role in the church, and their importance to the spiritual health of Christianity as a whole.
Monahan provides an in-depth explanation of each of the spiritual gifts listed in the Bible and helps you identify your own gifts. You’ll learn how your personality reflects your dominant spiritual gift and how to distinguish when the Holy Spirit is in and out of control of your life. In addition, Monahan gives examples of how spiritual gifts have been used by various people in different circumstances.
Do not let the enemy keep you from using your spiritual gifts. Instead, embrace them, further the mission of the church, and live your life with purpose and joy.

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