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Jeremy Van Hijser finds he just cannot keep himself out of the War of 1812, but everything is extremely personal this time.
It’s 1814 and the war between the United States and what would eventually be known as Canada has now been going on for two years. In Niagara, things have quieted down for a while, since the Americans withdrew and the British burned the American side of the Niagara River, from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. But some groups of uncontrolled volunteers and Canadian traitors, meanwhile, are continuing to harass the citizens and assisting the Americans.
Most average citizens would prefer to stay out of the conflict. One of these is Jeremy Van Hijser, a former farmer and now a trapper, just wishes to get on with his life but, like some friends of his, the war is not about to leave him alone. In the process of helping a neighbour’s daughter seek justice, he is caught up in a seemingly never-ending pursuit of vengeance, not just his own, but that of others as well.
This time, it threatens to take Jeremy’s very soul as he fights his enemies on both sides of the border. He and his family become involved in the greatest battles of the war, while the two North American powers continue to battle for the land known as the Canadas.
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