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The terrorism continues with no end in sight, over-population grows ever more serious, our natural resources are being depleted and corruption runs rampant. Will these problems ever be solved?

The continuing events point to an impending breakdown of our civilization. The threat of a new world-wide plague, mass starvation, and nuclear war increases each year. No solution is in sight without an understanding of social evolutionary natural selection and how it has shaped world affairs throughout both history and prehistory. Only by learning how ideology shapes society is it possible to know what must happen in order for people to be active in the transition from the old into a new society and civilization.

The author covers topics such as our primate small-group social behavior, the development of the matriarchal agricultural ideological system, the ideology involved in barbarism, and the rise of the patriarchal-monogamous ideologically based societies and their civilizations. Learn why the green revolution is falling behind, the biologically-related build-up of stress, and how lagging energy supplies will affect the world.

Two of the last chapters lay out the structural make-up of every successful mainstream world-view ideological system. They use that to build a facsimile of what the core of such a new and advanced system would have to be like to succeed---a perpetual lack of which would ensure that this is indeed The Last Civilization because no other can follow without it.
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