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Dr. Carl J. Sindermann, Ph.D., D.Sc.
(Hon.), in addition to his long term
positions as research laboratory director
and research center director, has been
a prolifi c writer of technical articles
and books in his scientifi c specialties
as well as a series of books about
scientists – of which this is the sixth
Some of his books have won awards
and some have not; probably his most
important contribution to science itself was
his thousand page two volume treatise on
Principal Diseases of Marine Fish and Shellfi sh,
published by Academic Press in 1990 and supported
at that time by a published record of more than 100 of his
own technical papers and a rapidly expanding printed literature, world-wide
in scope.
Along this long publication route he has produced other technical
books with such diverse titles as Sea Herring Stocks of the North Atlantic,
Disease Control in North American Marine Aquaculture, Ocean Pollution, and
Coastal Pollution.
Dr. Sindermann, through his many roles in joint foreign science
programs, fi ts a designation of an “international scientist.” Beginning with
his early cooperative work with Candians of the Fisheries Research Board of
Canada on fi sh diseases in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, he went on to provide
voluminous data to the FAO-UN International Commission for the Northwest
Atlantic Fisheries (ICNAF) in a book titled “Herring Stocks of the Western
North Atlantic.”
He also participated in activities of the Copenhagen-based
International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), serving for a
decade as chairman of a working group on Introductions of Non-Indigenous
Marine Species. He was also a long-term panel member of the Tokyobased
United States-Japan Joint Natural Resources Panels (UJNR), serving
for several years as editor of “Proceedings of UJNR.”
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