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Death Before Dishonor
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Lightfoot’s rusty prison handcuffs sliced deep into flesh and caused him to hang from the meat hook like a limp chunk of bloody beef... The red bearded monster sensuously caressed the leather thongs before driving them deep into his preys bleeding rump and savored the power of instilling fear in a defenseless man... The sadistic Warden’s face went from a crimson red to a purple grape color due to the silence of the stoic Indian... , “I’m gonna find out if this bastard is a federal spy or ...

“He’s dead, Billy Joe... this Indian ain’t faking it... he’s dead as a door-nail. Now there’s only one man left that can tell us what the Feds are up to... Damn it to hell and why they would send two federal prisoners to an Oklahoma State Penal Institution.... Billy Joe, I heard that Colonel Garrison was a real live hero before he led some crazy CIA raid into South America... Apparently, he was the only one who lived through it... That bugger got three years in prison for breaking his superior officer’s jaw over it... Maybe it’s just possible that he isn’t a spy... ?

“Damn it, Doc. Wayne Garrison has escaped. He jumped over the seventy foot railing at Keystone Lake Dam and disappeared forever into that turbulent black water below... Makes one wonder if he tried to commit suicide or got killed trying to escape this hell hole... In Arkansas things moved fast... Honey Wassermann jumped out the cake and became naked once again... They always said she was too damn sexy for her own good.... Sensuous and slick as any Playboy Centerfold.... built like the proverbial brick... She wistfully thought, who will it be... Garrison orJimbo Swager.. ?

...The seductive image of Angelica in the mirror conveyed an exotic picture of a sensuous cat ready to pounce on an easy victim. Wayne watched her in the mirror as she applied fresh make-up and noticed that her dancing ebony eyes scanned him ravenously.... she didn’t make a move to cover her lush body for the moment and suddenly the nimble she cat exploded into a daring move... Garrison was never sure if she was friendly to the cause or just an unsatisfied sexy bitch on the make.... No matter, I’m going to use her to the maximum... every which way I can...

“She expects to die any minute, Jimbo... that’s why she gets her sex this way because.... The sexy feline thought, he’s a bad guy... so I’ll show him my most sensuous dance and punctuate it with a kick in the face... send him flying over the side of the ship. The impromptu dance ended and the real fun began... Jimbo simmered as he watched her perform and knew that he too could be the next victim of her lust and.... Dancing is one thing, but this broad’s action is above the call of duty.... It’s obvious that she loves to dance almost as much as making love....

“Sure as hell they will try to board the ship at the coral reefs in the Panama Canal zone... we must be ready... Listen guys, the punishment for Billy Joe will be carried out swiftly and cruelly like he lived... Strip the miserable bastard, stick him on a coral reef with his killer whip, hand him an overdose of heroin, old fish guts and let him choose his own manner of death as the tide covers the reef. The sharks will come circling in ... Warden Billy Joe stood knee deep watching the fins slicing the turbulent sea and coming closer and closer as the tide rose... this was worse than.....
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