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Elsa Baum dreamed of moving away from Germany a country she had
watched everyday being dragged deeper into war by Adolf Hitler.
Everyone was under his spell, listening and believing in everything he told
them. Elsa and her close friends were the exception, they despised the Nazi’s
and were soon to learn the extent of their hatred towards others they considered
a threat to their ideology of the perfect superior race. After a chance meeting
with the daughter of a high ranking Nazi, feelings developed and she found
herself a part of the minority the Nazis were trying to eradicate.
“I don’t want my story to inspire people nor make them sad; I want it to educate
them because hate, homophobia and racism still exist today, and although
the chance of another event like the Holocaust is rare; the world will never be
rid of the foundations that cause hatred among us.”
— Elsa Baum
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Elsa - Simon Gandossi

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