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Morphania is about 3 children aged 10, 9, and 7 years who follow their Grannies Cat Willy through a coloured doorway, into a long tunnel. When he gets to the end of the tunnel he turns into a human like creature with pointed ears. this is where all animals go when they pass over The adventure begins when the children find them self unable to get back into the human world, with out the help of their long lost pets that have passed over. It mustn’t be revealed that they are human because a Wolf King called Gregorian who has sworn revenge on all humans that he believes were responsible for the extinction of his family .Russian Siberian Wolves. He has spies everywhere , called Red Spiked Goblins, nasty little creatures, which are named for a large spike of red hair on top of their ugly little faces. The difference between the children and the creatures are they have pointed ears,the children don’t. They have a long jouney ahead of them and lots of adventures and different lands to cross in order to get to Morphania and the valley of the Coloured Doorways.
The valley has all the doorways to every land in the world it is their only way of getting back.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781469176819
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