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Firstly let me congratulate you on investing in this book as it is a known fact that the best investment anyone can make is in them self so again congratulations.
I recommend how ever too read this book through first to gain an understanding of how it will be able to help you and then start. Every ending is a new beginning so lets begin.
Some people will take off at a flat run with this book others will move slower. Just remember that it does not matter how fast you go as long as don’t stop moving forward.
Now it is the Goal of this E-book and the Food Types here in to show you how to reach your desired weight while eating well.
I recommend that you use this E-book as a manual not something to read and leave on your bookshelves.
However here in the Twenty First Century it’s a known fact that some people don’t have a problem losing weight but rather putting it on.
So for those of you who do have a problem in this area, I shall also include a section on this.

I will attempt to install in you that the best asset you have is your body and show how to look after it. The better you treat it the better it will treat you.
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