A young boy was sent to live with his grandparents after the deaths of his family and there he encounters hardships. Living in isolation from people molded his personality into a man of righteousness. Listening was his only form of communication.
A teacher asked her students to write a report about their summer but he couldn’t. She asked why and after he told her, she asked him to write about what it was like coming to live with his grandparents.
Growing up in a southern community, he listened to all the stories the elders told and began writing his words of wisdom down on a pad he carried for that purpose.
His southern roots dominated his character and his backwoods democracy forged him into a man that only lived by one rule and that one rule was that there weren’t any rules.
The life he lived was a life where death was faced without fear, living wasn’t his concern. Through his ordeals he kept collecting words of wisdom and used his encounters to become a successful writer.
No one knew him; he altered actuality and used a pen name to protect himself from those that wanted to kill him. He was an informer and he was about to find out that when he moved, he moved into the very bottom of the pit of hell itself.
This is the story of Henry.
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