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Science Religion and God is not a scientific book or a religious book; it is a book that unites science with religion, and it is an explanation of God from the scientific point of view.

There is only one God, yet religions are plenty. Religions were created by gods who were wealthy people protected by armies—people who believed that because of their wealth they were invincible and omnipotent. Their armies protected their wealth by killing all who wanted a bit of it.

The gods believed they talked to God, but they were ill; God doesn’t talk, doesn’t write, and doesn’t hear voices because God is not human.

If you want to be heard by God, you have to speak with your soul, not with your lips, because God doesn’t read lips. You have to pray from your soul because your soul is part of God’s soul. When you pray with your soul, you pray with love, and God created everything and everybody with love from the deepest of God’s heart and from the heat and light of God’s soul.

Science Religion and God unites all religions; it is the connection between sun and soul, soul and love, and soul and money.
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