Take a different approach to losing weight. No starving yourself and no diet fads or changes. Simply learn what your body and mind needs to achieve your ideal weight and become a healthier you.
“A key element to remember when doing a vision statement is not only to speak positively and in the present tense, but say it in such a way that you believe in it, and dont say them in a state of panic and disbelief. Be excited about your thoughts and thinking. Believe completely in what you are saying. This may take a few times, but keep at it. You WILL change your way of thinking and eventually your brain will automatically program those thoughts and you won’t even have to try anymore to think positively.”
“Digestive enzymes help the body fully break down food into manageable particles that can be absorbed by the intestines. If food is not digested and broken down properly by the stomach, the intestines have a hard time extracting nutrients from it. In my case, undigested food was not being recognized and was being stored as fat.”
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