"What Happens Next? A Life's True Story" traces the author's emotional life from childhood in Tennessee to the glamour and glitz of the shiny piano bars in California and Arizona. There is marriage. There is divorce. There is despair. There is acting in film, stage, and television. Along the way an uncle is brutally murdered and an aunt commits suicide.

There is the author's quest for family and love. There are his disappointments, heartaches, loves, and the dark motel rooms of self-pity and longing.

The last part of "What Happens Next? A Life's True Tale" deals with his faith - from his humble Southern Baptist beginnings to Kahlil Gibron, James Kavanaugh, and 'isms.' The author finally formulates the only belief system that has meaning for him.

It is a book that deals with a search for love, legacy, and home. It is a book about a lad who ate some emotional soup and spent a lifetime trying to digest it.
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