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Four San Diego women in their late fifties decide to write a book. It will consist of four memoirs. As the women have been friends since their youth, they share many experiences, but they also have adventures of their own. Each in a different year, reminisces about her past. Vangie, the newspaperwoman, suggests the project, but Ginny organizes the effort. Vangie introduces us to George whose unique antics both exasperate and delight his companions. He is watched over by Alex, a friend since childhood. Vangie also describes a Great Luau that takes place on a La Jolla beach. In her memoir Ginny tells about an extraordinary family she once knew. Jean remembers an eccentric but kindly neighbor. Melissa describes her troubled romance at the Chicago Art Institute. At the end of the book Ginny brings everyone up to date and hints at what the future may bring.
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