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"This completely revised second edition of Multiple Sclerosis: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier contains tips, techniques, and shortcuts to help MS patients organize and simplify their lives. With over 300 tips readers will learn to conserve valuable time and energy, develop techniques for making life easier, so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

From basic principles to unique solutions for saving time and energy to specific ideas, this book is packed with helpful information for those coping with the special challenges of a chronic illness. Updated chapters cover Home Safety and Accessibility, Computers and Technology, Looking Good, Feeling Better - Grooming and Dressing, Managing Mealtime, and much more. NEW sections include:

Managing medical issuesTravel tips for weekend getaways or extended travelUnique product suggestions for practical helpful items that make everyday tasks easierResource section to easily locate products and services

Multiple Sclerosis: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier, 2nd Edition is a valuable resource for individuals living with MS, family members, caregivers, and medical professionals."
;"Preface; General Tips for Making Life Easier; General Tips; Community Resources, Resources. In Your Home; Home Safety and Accessibility; Safety; Lighting and Light Switches; Doorknobs, Doors, and Doorways; Under Lock and Key; Ramps, Railings, Stairs, and Grab Bars; Faucets and Sinks; The Bathroom; The Bedroom; Furniture and Rugs; Housecleaning Details; Laundry; Your Home Office - Computers and Technology; Resources. Looking Good, Feeling Better; Grooming; Dressing Tips; Simple Clothing Alterations; Hose and Footwear; Shopping for Clothes; General Clothing Shopping Tips; Choosing the Right Clothing; Accessories; Resources. Managing Mealtime Madness; Making Your Kitchen More Accessible; Meal Planning and Preparation; Serving Meals; Streamlining Grocery Shopping; Making and/or Using Simple Adaptive Devices at Mealtimes; Resources. Taking Care of YOU; Improving Memory and Concentration; Quiet Restful Activities; Reading; Watching Television; Playing Games; Resources. Managing Medical Issues. Record Keeping and Research; Doctors' Appointments; Medications and Medical Tests; The Hospital; Resources. Weekend Getaways and Extended Travel; Preparing for Your Trip; Packing; Traveling by Car; Air Travel; Foreign Travel; Staying at a Motel or Hotel; Resources. Index.";"""...full of wonderful ideas on everything from home safety and accessibility to dressing and absolute ""must have"" for every individual with MS."" -- The MSAA Motivator""...a compendium of tips, techniques, and life-task shortcuts...learned from personal experience...essential reading for all (people with) MS, their families and caregivers..."" -- Bookwatch"" absolute ""must have"" for every individual with MS..."" -- Lois Thistle, MSAA Client""...helpful for health professionals to use as a resource for information on tools that may help persons with MS...also useful for people with MS to learn very simple and practical tips for everyday life. It is well organized by topic, easy to read, clearly written, and with up-to-date references which include addresses, phone, and web sites.""--Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers"
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