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Today or tonight as you sit down and read this book, it will not only fascinate you, but you will be ushered into a what if situation. I wanted to make sure that everyone understands how possible it is for someone wanting to live his life through someone else or should I say make up time lost.

I find that we usually don’t talk about times in our life that we wish we could make up or do it other. Yes sometimes people do get a second chance and even a third. What makes this book exciting is that I gave my life for someone more than once, twice, but three time. This is what you call unlikely, or foolishness.

Sometimes we don’t understand why people do the things they do until we hear the whole story. The reality is that my lost can become your gain. Ten years of not receiving the mind set that I am an inmate, I am a prisoner, I am a failure does not enter into to the life of a man that became a number. Call me a number, but don’t call me late for supper.

What I want you to know is that you are as free as your mind allows you to be. You don’t have to make up nothing, you do not owe that to anybody anything. A deed gives you possession of something to own. Guess what, yours and my freedom has been paid for. It’s up to you to accept it. I did. There is more to come, this is the first of many books.
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