Python’s value as a scripting language is well known, and it ships with many operating systems. For years Python has been one of the Ps in the LAMP stack used for numerous web applications. Indeed, Python's popularity with web developers has lead to a multitude of web application frameworks written in Python: Django, TurboGears, Pylons, CherryPy, and so on.

Even with technology's fast-moving pace, Python remains on the cutting edge. NoSQL data stores have become increasingly popular, and you can find first class support for using Python with any of these technologies. This is just further evidence of the continued popularity of Python and the vibrant community around it. This bibliography contains a wide selection of books about Python. These range from various introductory to advanced books. Of course, web development is covered, but you might be surprised to see the wide variety of other types of development that are done using Python. Whether you are working on machine learning or just hacking in your spare time, Python has something for you.

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