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What are you? Have you come with bringing something? Is anything to be taken?
Sometime feels like that we have everything but nothing is with us. Or after getting everything now nothing has got. Something is at somewhere so whose absence is felt, after putting whole life on stake yet something is to be got feels like that.
To take birth is not life only, also bird-animal takes birth like this. Sometime, somewhere, something happened so, went to do something and happened another thing.
It is a journey, it is search of joy, of love, of peace, of silent, of meditative state, of meditative state whatever name you give, my trust is in the experience, work will not be done with words there.
“If you touch the hand of your lover, is there any word? Its touch was something like that you may do little talk to others about it but to measure the depth of water, to feel the feeling of water one has to go into the water.
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