Interview Between the Jackass and the Artist
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From the Publisher

This book is for anyone who enjoys fi ne arts. It is full of colorful artworks, in which the thinking
behind many of the painting is explained. This book was meant to be informative as well as
entertaining. If you enjoyed this book, I suggest that you also read my book Portrait and Nude
Paintings & Philosophies.
Within this book, the artist, Norman F. Simms is having an interview with his negative self. Within
this negatively the positive side of the artist is sharing his viewpoints on many topics relating to
why art and artist will continue to exist. In this book the artist tries to have other see as he and
other artist view various topics dealing with why we create art.
Overall, this book was created to not only give people a collection of fi ne art to view, but
enlighten them on the challenges that an artist must face in his everyday world as he is creating
such fi ne arts.
The artist thanks you for taking the time-out of your busy schedule to read and view this book.
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