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Many emotions are intertwined in the poetry of Peace Gypsy.  Baring her soul, she places all that she feels in front of her for all the world to see.  She reaches out to you and asks you to experience the wide range of emotions that she has experienced in life!   The entire ups and downs one experiences in a complicated life. The “high” you experience when you find a new love. The grief you must face with the loss of a loved one.  The compassion one feels when one looks at the lives of those less fortunate. The anger one feels when those who surround you ignore the plight of those in need.  The frustration one encounters when those who have the power to choose peace, opt for war!! The many layers of life that create the personality of Peace Gypsy are there for you to unveil!  Peace Gypsy has committed her life to bringing peace to Mother Earth. She believes there is good in all mankind and yearns to share that belief with you. Whatever the world brings to her door, Peace Gypsy believes in the beginning of a new day and all the promises that a clean slate can bring to a person’s soul. I hope that, in reading the poetry of Peace Gypsy, you will share in the emotions displayed in her writings and share in the optimism she has for the dawning of a new world peace to be embraced by all mankind!
-Pete Frecchio
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ISBN: 9781479759675
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