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This book is the first of its kind in the world. You will discover the real root of ego. You will learn how to apply Western psychology to remove ego now. Instead of spending twenty years meditating to drop ego, you can now uproot ego as fast as you are willing and able. The practices in this book work with any ancient practices you are now using or might use in the future. Get the freedom from ego you want now!This book provides you with a Seven Step Plan to overcome the biggest problem in adult life: your ego. You will discover how ego hampers your goals, health, and happiness. You will be motivated to live free of ego and to return to your original nature. You will realize how to recognize, remove, and replace ego. You will develop three plans to live sane in an insane world.In Step One you discover how ego is the main problem in your life, and the differences between ego and self. In Step Two you learn how you keep ego alive in favor of self. In Step Three you realize how to remove your methods for maintaining ego. In Step Four you determine how to remove ego from your life. In Step Five you discern how to replace ego with your authentic self. In Step Six you understand how to replace your supports for ego with supports for self. In Step Seven you learn how to develop three plans: (1) an action plan to follow Steps 1–6; (2) a relapse plan to keep you on your action plan; (3) a recovery plan to get you back on your action and relapse plans if you fall off.
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