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Deep within the tumultuous kingdom of Soneek, a young blacksmith named Trigger makes a living off his God-given talent to create incredibly powerful swords. Despite his occupation, Trigger is constantly annoyed that the code of
his warrior-driven world causes needless death for the sake of useless ideals such as honour and destiny. But his careless attitude for his own future is changed as Trigger discovers that his life has already been placed within a twisted history of fate ready to repeat itself.

When a cloaked intruder suddenly runs through his shop one day Trigger is led into interesting encounters with a mysterious young lady that he soon finds himself filled with desire for. He later discovers she is Iflana Corlusia, daughter of the darkest force on the planet. His attempts to be with Iflana despite her aristocratic class, only lead him to imprisonment where his lust for her grows as rapidly as his
hatred for the world around him. But when Iflana begs for Trigger’s help to escape from her own world, he is unwittingly propelled into a fierce life and death clash driven by nothing else than his overwhelming desire for her.

The Trigger is an intriguing fantasy story of a man’s journey through insanity as he battles against becoming the one thing he hates most – a murderous warrior.
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ISBN: 9781475972696
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