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Circlet Press Editorial Team
What happens when you combine gay male sensibilities, homoerotic fantasies, and futuristic, fantastic fiction? You get Wired Hard.

High-tech cruising in the 21st century. A slant-wise look at the military ban and one man's avoiding it. The psychodrama of non-monogamy, especially when some of the participants are Undead. Visions of the post-AIDS era.

These stories explore the erotic connection of one man to another, creating new landscapes, societies, technologies and possibilities along the way. No one of these stories tries to predict the future of gayness, and yet each one shows that there is so much beyond sex in being gay that whatever the future may hold for human sexuality there will always be gay universes to explore.

Includes work by Gary Bowen, Mason Powell, David Laurents, and Leo Scott.
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