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Seasoned screenwriter, playwright, and script doctor Jack Fitzgerald knows the sting of rejection all too well. In Roger Should Have Said Yes, he shares details of his personal journey as he attempted to sell screenplays in Hollywood, along with four unproduced screenplays that leave it up to others to decide whether they are “yes” or “no” people.

Screenplays included in the anthology include Piece of Cake, in which a young prostitute reinvents her life on South Beach in Miami; Bad Trip, which tells the story of a religious couple honeymooning in Hollywood who discover how quickly good can turn to bad; Pasadena, in which a poor family must immigrate to wealthy Pasadena during the early 1900s to save their child; and Cleo de Janeiro, in which a young band employs a ninety-five-year old hottie as their lead singer. Included at the end of each screenplay is a form that encourages individuals, book clubs, and budding screenplay writers to step into the shoes of a movie studio executive named Roger and provide positive or negative feedback.

In this anthology of screenplays, Jack Fitzgerald leaves his destiny in the hands of perfect strangers as they attempt to decide whether Roger Should Have Said Yes.
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