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Land of the Chrystal Stars
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Once upon a time there was a Majestic Star Kingdom that had been blossoming for centuries. In this kingdom there were parties every night with dancing, music, and enjoying the peace that the kingdom had. There lived a star princess in this kingdom that will one day rule the Majestic Star Kingdom. The star princess had fallen in love with a prince from the Elemental Star Realm. She would travel to this realm to see this prince, with the help of her closest friends. The prince had fallen in love with the star princess, and was to protect her and The Majestic Star Kingdom. One day they were to marry, but the peace was shattered by an evil that had taken over the Element Star Realm, and all the other realms; so everyone from the Element Star Realm was suspected to be an enemy of the Majestic Star Kingdom.
Until one day the peace was disturbed by an evil that would rule the kingdom until the prince and star princess could be found again. As the evil had come, the Queen and King were forced to use their powers to fight the evil. As the fight went on for so many years it was at that time that the Queen and King could no longer fight the evil, so they had to send the prince, princess, and their court a thousand years into the future hoping there is peace. If the need arises, the 12 guardians could be awakened to protect the world of The Majestic Star Kingdom. As time went on there was girls and boys born with special gifts that would lead her and him to be the rightful rulers of the Majestic Star Kingdom.
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Land of the Chrystal Stars - Autum Mahria Stegg

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