If Love Can Last
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Carmen Smith has always struggled to make the right decisions. She’s never been able to stand up for herself, especially when her husband, Erin, is involved. She feels trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who has never been able to honor his vows. She finds some comfort in her role as a high school science teacher, but she wants more from life. Deep down, she hopes that she’ll find the strength to make the hard decisions, but she fears what might happen when she does.

Now she’s facing a truly life-changing decision, and her lonely heart and her rational mind are at war. When a handsome and charming student sets his sights on her, can she resist? Will the challenges and rewards of forbidden love trump reason—or her respect for the law?

Her student, senior Tavon Holmes, is a talented player, on and off the football field. He’s working hard to catch the eye of recruiters, but he is distracted by the conflict between what his young body wants and what his future needs. He’s falling for his teacher, and neither can resist the attraction for long.

The teacher and her student are drawn to each other in ways neither of them could predict or believe. Each must decide if they will allow lust to threaten their future. When they finally give in to their desires, the unexpected happens—changing many lives in the process.
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