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It is 1996 when a helicopter carrying a geological survey team is forced to land in the Amazon rain forest. There, they soon discover the only remnants of an indigenous tribe hidden for thousands of years: an elderly shaman, two boys, a girl, and an infant named Suyape. Medical tests run on the five Ipanao survivors indicate one troubling fact—something is not right with their DNA.

Years later, seventeen-year-old Suyape Goncalves is back in hiding once again. Adopted in the United States by two anthropologists when she was a baby, Suyape has now begun to remember things that happened to her people from a time when ice covered the land, when the Ipanao fled the Great Plains, and when the people of the New World scattered across the globe. Now, as she attempts to conceal herself from scientists intent on exploiting her mysterious differences and from hunters determined to kill her, Suyape reunites with her lost kin in the Amazon and is soon embroiled in a challenge she could never have imagined.

The Hunted shares the compelling story of a young woman who discovers that the mysteries she remembers may be all that lies between her and extinction of the earth.
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The Hunted - Peter Clenott

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