My name is Kylenath Xavier Bartholomew Blackmor I am the
historian of my world. I am the one who tells the stories about the people of my world for all those that may hold some interest in our lives here on Lexxon. I will tell you a little about our world and I will relate it in terms that are familiar to your world. From my understanding you deal in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years on your world. On
Lexxon we have much the same system with a few differences. Our day has twenty-eight hour in it; our weeks only have six days, our months all have thirty days, and our year is twelve months long and only 360 days. We have two suns and nine moons which circle the globe on different paths and at different speeds but their orbits are so high that only two have a real effect
on the climate and tides like on your world.
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