He Walks With Me
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Do you ever wonder if God is really with you? Does God really care for you? Are prayers ever answered? Yes, God is with you, He loves you and He answers your prayers. God is with you every second of every day. If you truly believe in Him, He will lead you in every step you take and through every decision you have to make. He will show you the way out of every horrible situation you may find yourself in if only you truly believe.

Walk with Becky as she goes on her faith journey. Read how her faith pulls her through everything that life hurls at her. See how God is with her every second of every day…how He protects her….how He knows what is best for her, in spite of herself and her mistakes. Notice how Becky learns that turning things over to God brings peace….trying to control everything herself leads to more troubles. She finally realizes what the most important things in life are. See how she handles each chapter in her life knowing all along that God will help her get to the next chapter. Becky still has a lot to learn, but she works a lot harder than she used to trying to follow Jesus’ teachings.
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