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Areas in which this book will help you.
Be consistent in figure out what your true needs are in your personal life, in any situation and at any stage of your life.
You should not be guessing what your true needs are; you should know for certain, without of a shadow of a doubt what they are. This is how this book aims to help you.
Knowing the difference between doing the right thing and doing the good thing.
However, if you are not able to do the good thing, this book will show you how to do the right thing the right way. “Doing the right thing the right way”
Confirm whether or not you are on the right path and help you to get and stay on the right path.
Getting on that path to accomplishing your true needs.
Reaching your full potential.
Getting on that path to your destiny.
This book distinguishes the humans’ wants, needs and desires and will help you to distinguish yours personally, which will help you to make better decisions.
This book will help you to first think clearly for yourself and then follow your heart in a specific process that will ultimately bring you true happiness, peace and comfort.
We should not make mistakes define who we are, what should define us is our strength to overcome these mistakes and regrets, and the show of wisdom by proving that we have learned from our mistakes and start making the right decisions, and our strength to forgive and move on. This book will help you in this area.
Whether you seek a good partner, a better life or a better future for you and your family, whatever you seek. It’s vital to know beforehand what your personal true needs are.
Our Golden Rule will be explained and our based theory will explain how we were able to come to the conclusion that 94% of the time you have no idea what your true needs are.
Whether or not you are absolutely certain what your true needs are, it’s always a wise idea to heed good advice; you may never know when you will need it.
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