Before The Covenants is a book that traces Abraham to the Temple in his maternal grandfather's compound in Igbpland Nigeria among Umudiana priestly lineage (The Sethians). The Book also reveals that the Igbo language of these Sethians is the original Hebrew (ancient) language or first language of the universe. It traces the origin of the ancestors of Abraham to Igboland from where they were originally banished for worshiping the God of heaven over the gods of their land/ancestors; and they fled to Mesopotamia and named their new land, Chaldim (Chi ala dinma - "God of the good land), in honor of the God of heaven (God of Abraham) whom they had known from Igboland, their original homeland in Southern, Nigeria of the Ethiopia Interior. Because of the author's knowledge of the Igbo (ancient) language, the reader of this book will be able to know the Hebrew meanings of the names of the Patriarchs from Adam to Jacob, in addition to other Hebrew names and sacred terms. The present Modern Hebrew language studied as "Hebrew" in colleges and Universities around the world and that spoken in Israel today cannot give the world the true Hebrew meanings of these names and terms. Modern Hebrew is not ancient language which the original and true Hebrew language spoken only in the Igboland of Nigeria today. From the book, the reader will also learn that all the ancient religions of the world from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindu/Shinto, to Buddism all developed from the Original Spirituality of Igboland, the ancient Holy-Dwelling Place of the Kingless Race. With the exception of maybe, the Jewish Leaders, the leaders and members of these other religious faiths may not know the meanings of the names of their religions because the language is pure Hebrew. For example, Islam does not mean peace and Shalom does not mean peace. In fact, Shalom and Salaam/Islam mean two different things.
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