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Of Children and Unicorns is a humorous narration about special needs students that made up the classes over the years of special education teacher Joe Robert. Interspersed among the student anecdotes is commentary by Joe Robert about specific educational practices, methods, and trends. Mr. Robert is writing strictly from years of experience and not from theory or educational ideas that look good on paper, but fail in the classroom. Some of the anecdotes may make you cry a little, but most will make you laugh. He writes about methods that may seem unorthodox for some, yet worked for him. Robert uses the symbol of the fabled unicorn to represent those teachers who stepped outside of the box and did what they had to do to get their job done. The new teacher will look at this work and say, “So that’s the way it was,” while the experienced teacher will say, “Yes, I’ve been there. I remember that,” and the non-teacher will just say, “Wow!”
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