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Love can make us feel so many emotions – joy, excitement, fear, depression, doubt, and anger. In this moving collection of poems, Elizabeth Maldonado shares her own experiences in dealing with the agony and exhilaration of love.

Starting with those first anxious days of looking for love, Maldonado delves into the myriad thoughts and feelings that come with trying to find that special someone. “Alone On New Years” explores the isolation of being single on one of the most romantic nights of the year while “Finding Your Heart” beautifully portrays the uncertainty in giving your heart to someone new.

The second section, entitled “Being in Love,” looks at those giddy days and weeks when two people come together and discover the headiness of romance. “A New Start” shows how everything looks bright and new with this burgeoning relationship while “Our World to Own” explores the way new love makes one feel invincible.

Maldonado takes a deeper turn in the chapter “Losing Love” as she explores distrust, betrayal, sadness, and the despair of breaking up. The overwhelming question of why the relationship failed comes to life in “No Answers to Why” while “Doubts” examines the uncertainties that plague one’s mind in the search for answers.

Full of vivid imagery, My Heart Is an Open Book brilliantly embraces the dizzying emotions of love.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466987272
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