‘Let this journey be the light in our darkness. Will none of you ever feel
hunger again, for a member once told me that there are two paths . . .
One path is hidden and one path is obvious. The right and the wrong . . .
I have come to accept that I have chosen the obvious path, which is the
wrong. I find comfort in knowing that wrong done for the right reasons is
considered neither. A path in between love and hate, heaven and hell . . .
the path that is not considered a choice but a will. A simple will to change
what has been left in silence for thousands of years. The silence will be
broken once and for all; our voices will be heard by the race that took
the choice for granted. They burn each and every resource for their own
gain. To live a fantastic life filled with riches, they gained by murdering
the purest and simplest of all . . . our Mother Land. I have lived there and
what I saw made me make this wrong decision. We are not the ones who
should have been damned into this hell. We will stand together for the
life they have taken from the innocent beings that carry our blood. The
only true pure form of the great Creator’s hand, the living that have no
path to choose.’ The Great Galliwasp
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